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Preservation Of Wealth offers gold and silver bullion at wholesale prices to it’s members.  This gives each member the purchasing power to acquire silver and gold at the same prices that the dealers do, with no mark-up, no commission, no surprise fees.

This means the best possible pricing on silver and gold bullion… period.  No shopping around, no finding a better price later.  Here you will find the absolute lowest price on silver and gold, for the exact same coins offered by the more expensive dealers.  As a member of Preservation Of Wealth you become the dealer, as far as pricing goes.   This is true wholesale prices relayed to you with no increase.

Preservation Of Wealth also sells numismatic gold and silver coins, for those members who wish to collect graded silver and gold coins, however the pricing is significantly lower than that offered by the competition.

It is easiest to think of Preservation Of Wealth as a discount club for gold and silver investors.  Just like Silver From Preservation Of WealthSam’s Club, once you are a member you know you are getting the lowest possible price and this saves you time and money because you do not have to spend time “shopping”.

At this time Preservation Of Wealth is the only company that I know of that is providing silver and gold bullion at dealer cost.

There are no minimum or maximum quantity limits for gold and silver purchases through Preservation Of Wealth.

So if you are a small investor and just getting started you can buy as little as one coin at wholesale price.  Or if you are a larger investor you can buy millions of dollars worth of gold and silver at dealer cost, thus increasing your returns as the value of silver continues to rise.

Preservation Of Wealth has also incorporated a referral program which pays out substantial referral commissions to the “Referrer”, as well as team bonus overrides for sales of Preservation Of Wealth memberships made by one’s personal referrals.  This MLM-style compensation structure can be implemented as a stand-alone home-business, and as one of the most competitive network marketing opportunities in the world today.  And considering the recent trends in the gold and silver markets, and considering what is happening to the value of dollars, we are right at the beginning of an explosion of people rushing to invest in silver and gold in order to protect their wealth.  The fact is, if you are holding/saving cash Silver Rounds From Preservation Of Wealthyou are losing money.  If you are holding/saving silver and gold your wealth is rapidly increasing.

We are positioned to take full advantage of this trend and considering that we are the only ones selling this silver and gold bullion at true wholesale cost, those people looking to preserve their wealth with gold and silver really have no better options when it comes to where they purchase.

So whether you are simply looking to protect your wealth with precious metal, or you are looking for a new income opportunity or additional income stream, or even if you simply have associates who buy gold and silver and you would like to share with them the opportunity to acquire at dealer cost, Preservation Of Wealth can satisfy your needs.

Why Should You Take The Time To Go Through This Site?

Why Preservation Of Wealth Team?The answer to this question would depend upon what it is that you are looking to achieve.

If you are starting from absolute zero as far as your understanding of our current financial/currency crisis it may take you a bit of time and you will need to go through the videos on the “Why Buy Silver And Gold?” page, so that you can get a real understanding of the problem and how you can truly preserve your wealth by owning silver and gold.  Factually, each dollar in your pocket or in your bank account is losing value by the minute due to our current monetary policies and thus it takes more and more dollars to buy things.  This is otherwise known as “inflation”.

Conversely, silver and gold are rapidly sky-rocketing in price.  Really what is happening is that the value of the silver and gold remain relatively constant over time, but since the value of the dollars is dropping so quickly it gives the appearance that the price of silver and gold are climbing.  In actuality it just takes more dollars to buy a certain quantity of silver and gold over time, as the dollar is becoming devalued.

And when we enter a period where more and more people are looking to buy silver and gold and less are looking to sell, then we also get increases in gold and silver prices due to normal market characteristics of supply vs. demand.  And as more and more people begin to “get a clue” as to what is happening with our currency problems and we have more and more people rushing in to buy silver and gold this will drive the prices up even higher.  WE HAVE JUST BEGUN THIS TREND.

In a nutshell, putting your wealth into silver and gold literally preserves your wealth, because the silver and gold are not going down in price relative to the dollar.  So again, if you hold cash you are losing wealth.  If you hold silver and gold you are creating wealth at this time.

You should take the time to go through this site if:

  • You have an interest in preserving or increasing your wealth, rather than getting more and more “broke”.
  • You are already interested in owning silver and gold and wish to buy at true wholesale, true dealer cost, with no mark-up.
  • You are not fully up to speed on how silver and gold protect your wealth and what is the difference between money and currency.Silver Eagles From Preservation Of Wealth
  • You wish to be able to survive through a period of hyper-inflation, where prices for everything go up substantially daily (a cycle that has repeated itself over and over and over thousands of times, when that county followed the same monetary policies that we are following now).
  • You have an interest in catching a smart trend at the beginning for the purpose of increasing your wealth.
  • You are looking to begin a home-based-business in a market that is rapidly expanding and with a product that has no real competition.

How Does Preservation Of Wealth Offer “At-Cost” Gold And Silver?

Gold Coins Preservation Of WealthPreservation Of Wealth is a essentially a membership club for the purchase of “at-cost” silver and gold.  One purchases an annual membership for $249.00, with NO admin fees (or there is also a $30 per month option) and one is then able to purchase as much silver and gold at wholesale dealer cost as one wishes.  In fact, it takes a very small purchase of metals to completely cover the membership fees, potentially saving one many thousands of dollars, or allowing one to simply acquire more gold and silver than they could for the same price elsewhere.  Frankly, if you are only looking to purchase one ounce of silver, the membership fee is probably not worth it for you, though you may benefit from the business opportunity and the income from referring others to this membership program.

As the price of silver and gold are always changing, and lately being on a steady and fast rise, it is difficult to note here exactly how much silver or gold one would have to buy in order to cover their membership cost, but the last time I did the math it was about 30 oz of silver (30 American Silver Eagles).  As the price continues to rise (as it did by over 30% in April 2011 alone), the number of ounces to which one would purchase in order to fully recover their membership costs, in terms of their savings, will decrease.  This also will depend upon which dealer you are comparing pricing with.  Many dealers advertise one thing such as “$2.00 over spot price” and then after you have taken the time to place your order and figure out the necessary quantity requirements you must meet in order to get that price, you are often hit with surprise supplemental fees with seemingly made-up names.  You know how this goes… “$15 transaction processing fee, and $50 one-time account initiation fee, and $19.95 dealer fee… and so on”.

In my experience I have found that these fees are generally not mentioned until you get to the very last step of confirming your payment, after you have already invested time into creating your account, and figuring out the price vs quantity relationship for the coins/bullion.

As these extra fees are generally not published prior to the payment confirmation step this becomes very frustrating for the buyer as he “never knows what he’s going to find” once he reaches the final price.

Preservation Of Wealth eliminates all this with a simple membership, the cost of which is easily recovered with a small purchase.

No limitations are imposed on the amount one can purchase at cost.  One can buy as much or as little gold and silver as one wishes, at the dealer cost.

Preservation Of Wealth now also offers numismatic coins at prices considerably below that of the competition.  These can be purchased at retail or can be gained via a monthly “Optionship” for our members.  The Optionship pricing is spectacular, way below current market pricing for that particular coin.  So far in my experience the Preservation Of Wealth Optionship program has provided coins each month which are being sold 13% to 89% below the current market selling prices, just based on simple internet searches for pricing on the same coins selling on major sites such as Ebay, Home Shopping Network, and various others.  This is in contrast to what most MLM opportunities put you through… overcharging you for your products on your auto-ship simply for the purpose of paying commissions to the down-line.  This is one reason why I tell people that they can make money as a member of Preservation Of Wealth even if they never sponsor a single new rep and they never sell any coins, because right out of the package, the numismatic coins can be sold for more than you paid for them.  Also consider that throughout the history of numismatic coins they have always gone up in value and have consistently out-performed bullion coins.  (Our upcoming trend with out currency crisis may change that).  Simply put, numismatic coins are one of the safest and most worthwhile investments one could make.  And as an Affiliate for Preservation Of Wealth you are selling and/or purchasing a product at a price significantly below market.  This alone sets Preservation Of Wealth apart from other network marketing companies.

How Can You Make Money With Preservation Of Wealth?

Two ways:

  1. By simply owning silver and gold, as opposed to holding cash, according to current and predicted trends, as the value of the metal goes up, so does your wealth.  For me personally, the silver bullion I purchased back in October of 2010 has increased in price about 2.4X just since that time.  This is a truly incredible return on investment.
  2. Preservation Of Wealth has a very lucrative network marketing-style referral program.  You can earn simply by referring others members to the program.

Some will join simply to use Preservation Of Wealth as an income opportunity, while most will join to save tons of money on their gold and silver purchases.  Many will join for both reasons, as I have.

Who Is Alan Cosens?

Perservation Of Wealth TeamI am a full-time internet network marketer.  I began in the network marketing industry in 1998 and have experienced significant success both off-line and on-line.  I now create training platforms and pre-made marketing systems for my downline teams.  I teach a number of different marketing strategies as well as all the technical training to allow even the newest of newbie to go from absolute zero to a productive home business.  Most my days are spend helping my downlines, via the phone and email/chat.

Most notable of my training programs are probably the Stupid Simple Free Traffic Strategy, and the Web Mastery For Network Marketers course, which cover the exact steps to take to get many thousands of free visitors to one’s website every single month, and all the click-by-click on-screen lessons and training one could ever need to be able to build their own automated internet sales funnel from scratch.

I also host a team training and resources web site with tons of training, tools, lessons on how to build a successful home business.  This resources is available to my downline members and also includes various free marketing systems which I have build and set up for their use (your’s as well, when you become a member).

You can get to know me better at if you like, where you will find much helpful information for network marketers, including various lesson on how our monetary system works, and the advantages of owning silver and gold, which is something I have been teaching people since before Preservation Of Wealth.

My intention is to provide more in the way of help and resources and training to my members than any other single sponsor/team in the industry, so that you can make it go right and can build your own successful home business.

Is Preservation Of Wealth Right For You?

This is a question that only you can answer.  Take the time to go through all the information on this site, particularly the videos on the “Why Buy Silver And Gold” page, so that you have Preservation Of Wealth Right For You?and understanding of the facts.  With understanding you can make a smart decision.  Without understanding you are just guessing.

I do not recommend “guessing” when it comes to your financial future.

I can tell you, that if you are considering Preservation Of Wealth as an income opportunity that you are literally looking at what is most likely the most rapidly expanding trend going right now as people are rushing in droves to buy silver and gold to protect their wealth.  There is another very popular network marketing company out there which is riding this trend and creating many, many very wealthy individuals selling only numismatic silver and gold coins, with a mark-up, and a bit over-priced.  There really is no competition as Preservation Of Wealth prices are far better and for the exact same coins.  Preservation Of Wealth also offers numismatic coins, but at a far fairer and lower prices than the “big dawg” competitor.

In other words, this is the hot market.

And if you are looking to put some of your wealth into silver and gold you simple cannot get better pricing anywhere, and thus it is a no-brainer.  It is simply a question of whether you want to pay more or less for the exact same product.

Alan Cosens


Visit the Preservation Of Wealth main site to learn more or join.