Controversial Video About What’s Happening

Here is a presentation from Porter Stansberry of “Stansberry & Associates”, the financial firm who accurately predicted all the recent economic down-trends.  Their record is unmatched on predictions.  *Neither Porter Stansberry nor Stansberry & Associates has an affiliation (That I know of) with the company Preservation Of Wealth or Alan Cosens.

I am presenting this video to you for information/education/entertainment purposes only.  It is my wish that people know the truth of what is happening so that they can prepare themselves.

I am no recommending (or recommending against) the services provided by the speaker.

Watch the video now:

No, I have not placed a link to his offer.  That is not my intention, to promote his offer.  I’m sure you can “Google” his name and find it somewhere.

What I am personally doing to prepare is putting cash into silver, both silver bullion and Numismatic coins.

There is much information throughout this website about this topic.

I encourage you to take the time to go through the site and educate yourself.  If you need more understanding about why almost all experts are recommending silver and gold as the solution to preserving your wealth, you should spend as much time as you need on the Why Buy Silver And Gold? page.

And understand that Preservation Of Wealth is the only silver and gold wholesale buyer’s club.  Providing you silver and gold at true dealer cost, relayed to you with no mark-up, no commission whatsoever… just direct-to-you dealer cost on all the gold and silver you wish to acquire.

I see Preservation Of Wealth as one of the finest opportunities today to position yourself for the monetary crisis that is coming, and also to serve as it’s own supplemental income program.

Become a member of Preservation Of Wealth today and never pay too much for your silver or gold again.

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