This very unique opportunity with Preservation Of Wealth… well…

Talk about being right at the cutting edge of a major trend!

This is about as close to just grabbing onto the rocket and holding on for dear life as you are ever going to get!

There is a saying that has come into existence for us:

Preservation Of Wealth Catch Phrase

Use Preservation Of Wealth Only To Buy Gold And Silver “At-Cost”?Silver From Preservation Of Wealth

Yup, no problem. That is what POW is there for.

Buy as much as you want.

Save as much as you want with our lowest-prices on gold and silver.

But you can also…

Make Money With Your Own Preservation Of Wealth Business:

If you are asking yourself whether a product of silver and gold is workable in a network marketing format all you have to do is look to what has happened with Numis Network…

Preservation Of Wealth Compared To It’s Competitor Numis Network:

Numis Network is THE major player in the network marketing industry,  a great company, and host to many of this industry’s top leaders… all based on a simple numismatic coin (collectible silver coin) product.  Numis Network has absolutely exploded in the last year.  Why?  Because it’s riding a major economic trend, in fact, THE economic trend, and because the product goes up in value over time… AND the product is MONEY!

There is NO DOUBT that gold and silver are the product to promote right now and factually investors are scrambling to acquire as much silver and gold as possible right now.

Taking all that into account, all you need to realize is that Preservation Of Wealth not only offers the exact same numismatic coins that Numis Network does, but does so at lower prices.  POW also offers the lowest possible price on silver and gold bullion coins (Numis does not offer bullion), at true dealer-cost relayed to the individual.  Also Preservation Of Wealth pays out 75% of their revenue to us reps!  (Unheard of!… Numis pays out a max of 50%).

Numbers-wise there is no comparison.

When you become a member of Preservation Of Wealth so that you can get our lowest-price silver and gold, you then have the option to Market the POW Business and earn profits from building your own Preservation Of Wealth business.

The moment you join Preservation Of Wealth,  you instantly get a Business Position.

$249 to start, as compared with $500 for Numis Network.

Now, I want to be clear about this:

I am a big fan of Numis Network.  Great company.  Great concept.  Killer websites and support and a great community.  I have no negative regards for Numis Network whatsoever.  And if you told me, “Hey, I’m in Numis”, I would say “Great company!”.


Preservation Of Wealth has created an opportunity with better value, better pricing, and a superior, higher-paying compensation plan… FOR THE EXACT SAME silver and gold coins… PLUS the added benefit of dealer-cost pricing on silver and gold bullion coins, which members can purchase at unlimited quantities.

And if you are scratching your head about why you should be acquiring silver and gold you need to be sure to watch the videos on the Why Buy Silver And Gold? page.


Investing in gold and silver is the hottest trend out there right now.  Just try and call up a major silver bullion dealer and ask him a bunch of questions.  Most likely he will tell you something like “Look, I don’t really have time to answer all these questions.  I have 5 other lines on hold waiting to buy.  Call me back once you figure out what you want.”  I’m not kidding you.  And that is with selling it at mark-up!

With your own Preservation Of Wealth business you are offering the market exactly what they want… lowest cost on the same silver and gold bullion they get anywhere else.


You literally have the best value going on this trend… period.

It is easy to share, people are looking for what you have, and you can be well paid for simply referring people to their own Preservation Of Wealth membership.

The Preservation Of Wealth Business May Be For You If:

  1. You like to SAVE money.Save Money With Preservation Of Wealth
  2. You like to MAKE money.

Some will simply share this opportunity to save on gold and silver with others that they know… friend… fellow investors… or even family.

Some will be more aggressive and run a more traditional network marketing approach, holding hotel meetings, or in-home meetings.

Some may wish to work exclusively on-line.

preservationofwealthearnmoneyThere really is no limit to the ways in which you could market such a business, to let others know that it is out there.

And remember, it is extremely RARE to have the opportunity to offer the truly lowest prices on the exact same products being sold all over the world– products that other are already buying en masse.  The exact same silver and gold coins and bars that you will get from the more pricey competitors.

You have a huge advantage.

I know, I know… probably your prospects are going to say “Uh, no thanks.  I’d rather pay way more for the exact same silver bullion coins.  I just love to waste money!”, right?


This is what makes Preservation Of Wealth So Different

You are not running around trying to convince someone why they should pay a 25% higher price for the same product they can get elsewhere (which is what ALMOST ALL MLM products do).  You are literally giving them the lowest possible price and in some cases you will be saving the heavier investors thousands upon thousands of dollars on their silver and gold.  Wow!  Don’t hog all the savings for yourself!Preservation Of Wealth Is Different

You are offering top-of-the-line products, the exact same products, that are priced higher elsewhere.

Seriously, how ofter do you come across and opportunity like that?

Gold And Silver Ads On TV

Just think about how often you see a “Buy Gold” ad on television these days.

I would challenge you to compare prices.

If you really get in and understand how pricing on these metals works, you will see very clearly that the others just cannot compete.


Because you can’t compete with ZERO MARK-UP.

No commission.  No fees.  No surprises.  Just gold and silver at true dealer cost… period.

Who can argue with that?

See, it’s not uncommon at all for these companies to sell their precious metals at a 15% to 30%+ premium over the spot price of the metal.  

That’s simply “nuts” when you know you can get it at cost.

For anyone who is interested in investing in gold & silver, all you have to say is:

“If I could show you how to buy the exact same precious metals that you are buying right now…at WHOLESALE prices…and save between 15% and 30% on your purchases…would you want to take a look at it?”

How easy is that?

Preservation Of Wealth Compensation Plan:

Simple, simple, simple.

No need for a scientific calculator and graph paper to figure out this compensation plan.

We kept it easy to understand and kept out everything that was unnecessary or complex.

Preservation Of Wealth Compensation Plan Summary Video

Compensation Plan PDF, page 1

Compensation Plan PDF, page 2

The Optionship, importance of.

There are essentially just 3 pieces to this:

  1. Direct Commissions
  2. Team Commissions
  3. Optionship Commissions

Let’s take a look at each.

Preservation Of Wealth Direct Commissions – How To Earn Them:

When you refer a new member to Preservation Of Wealth, the company shares some of the proceeds directly with you.  We pay $100 to the person that is responsible for the referral.  If you are familiar with this type of system… you know that is a HUGE amount to pay out for bringing someone into the program!  So simple!

Refer a new member, earn $100.


Now, there is a $20K per week limit on each position.  In other words each business position will be capped at just over $1 Million per year in referral commissions.

How To Earn Team Commissions:

To qualify for team commissions, you must refer 3 members who buy the POW benefits package. 1 of those may be from your own purchase of a POW membership but it is not mandatory.

You must also place the Business Volume (BV) of at least 1 Member on each of your 2 teams, one on the left side and one on your right side.

So, to simplify… you join and pay the $249.00, then you refer 2 others to do the same.  You stick one on your left leg and one on your right.  That’s it.  You’re qualified for Team Commission earnings.

Your team goes to infinity!

You are credited $100 BV when some guy you don’t even know, 1000 levels deep below you, brings in a new guy!   And…every single person in the 1000 levels above them, also gets $100 BV credit as well.

This is incredible.

As your team grows… it’s truly amazing how this business can spread and grow, and how profitable it can be!

When you have at least 300 BV (points) on one Team side and at least 300 BV on the other, you earn a cycle, which is a $100.00 commission. Business Volume in your respective team sides will count in Team Volume, regardless of who makes the referral. These cycles can happen over and over again up to $20,000 per week!

Preservation Of Wealth Matrix

To put this in perspective, each new membership is $100BV for everyone up-line from that sale.  Each person who participates in the monthly Optionship brings $50 BV to everyone up-line from them, every month.  Now just imagine what happens when your down-line gets to be 70 or 80 rows deep and just 60 to 70% of them are participating in the Optionship.  That is serious residual income.  And that is just the beginning!  Do the math yourself.

Preservation Of Wealth Optionship Commissions:

Did I mention that Preservation Of Wealth also sells numismatic coins, just like the other big competitor out there, but only at a lower price?

Check out the video for more reality on the value of the Numismatic coins from Preservation Of Wealth:

“Numismatics” are essentially collectible coins.  They have been certified by the relevant “grading” agency as being of a certain quality, and thus have collectible value on top of the value they have because of their silver or gold content.

Numismatics is a $100 million per year business… and the modern issue graded coins segment of numismatics is booming.  While silver has consistently grown 20-25%, modern issue coin values have in many cases grown at an even faster pace. On the optionship program you can choose to receive 1-3 of these stunning assets each month at very competitive Numismatics From Preservation Of Wealthprices.
Each MS-70 coin is graded by ICG (one of the highest regarded grading companies in the world) and it’s encased in a protective clear plastic slab to preserve its brilliance and quality.
Each coin is certified as “Perfect” and each coin container is bar coded and carries a hologram and serial number.
Unlike the bullion coins that are sold at POW cost, some proceeds for the Optionship coins are paid back to the referral network in the form of BV or points.  You can receive up to 100 BV for your own optionship purchases and up to 150 BV from each team members purchases.  That’s up to 1900 BV / year / team member.

There is another very popular network marketing company out there right now  that is selling ONLY numismatics and just “killin’ it”.

The fact that we offer both numismatics at a significantly lower price, and also at-cost bullion products (non-graded, get their value from the weight of the metal), is yet another reason to get on board.  You see, what we have here is a model and a product that has already been proven.  Only we are able to offer them at lower prices, with a simpler compensation plan, and with products that are FAIRLY priced.

After all, some of you may already have a garage full of nutritional products that you either never sold, or never ate.  How would you like to have a garage full of gold and silver coins?

The “Optionship” gives Preservation Of Wealth member the option to have numismatic coins shipped to them each month, should they have an interest in collecting.  Collectible value of numismatics has tended to steadily increase over time throughout history by the way.

But this is just that… an option, and is not required to be a member of Preservation Of Wealth.

**Coin prices are subject to change as the price of gold / silver fluctuate. Commissions are paid on the sale of Lifetime Benefits Packages. Adjustments may be made from time to time to insure an appropriate Price / BV ratio as gold and silver fluctuate. Every effort has been made to accurately represent our products and its potential. As with any business endeavor, there is no certain guarantee that you will earn any money simply by making a purchase.  An individual’s success depends on making sales as stated above.

The Preservation Of Wealth Opportunity

I cannot stress this enough.

The opportunity you have here with POW is unprecedented.

Our entire monetary system and our economy are currently in a dynamic state of change.  The dollar is rapidly losing value and only those with the smarts and the assets are going to survive the dollar crash which is impending.  If you are not familiar with this I would encourage you to study the resources on the “Why Buy Silver And Gold” page of this site so you are up to speed on what is really happening.

The changes that are happening are having, and will continue to have previously unseen changes in the price of silver and gold.

By current estimates less than 2% of Americans own gold or silver.

Do you realize that the price of silver has gone up over 35% just in the last few months.

In fact, In October of 2010 I purchased a significant amount of silver bullion.  A few weeks ago I happened to notice that that silver had increased in value 2.3X (at the time of writing this post)!

I more than doubles my money with about 15 minutes worth of work that it took to place the order.

Those “in the know” are recommending that silver is perhaps the best investment one could make at this time.

Just look at the last 10 years pricing on Silver:

silver price chart

And Gold:

gold price chart

Now look at the recent history on Silver, and what is happening as a result of our current monetary policy:

silver price april 2011

In 14 years in this industry I can tell you that I have never seen a better time to get positioned for a massive trend.

I truly believe that the people who take advantage of this trend will be taking advantage of one of the greatest wealth transfers in history.

It has already begun and you are going to see people absolutely swarming to buy gold and silver as the dollar continues to devalue.  After all, if you are holding cash you are just going to be rapidly losing money.

As you can see, not only is the entire economy and the trend in place, but you can be positioned with the absolute lowest prices available on the product that people are rushing to get their hands on.  And remember, we are only at the very beginning of the trend.

Join Preservation Of Wealth:

Are you ready to join?  You can do so via my main Preservation Of Wealth site.

The POW Builders team also holds regular webinar which you can invite your prospects to.  All you have to do is become a “master inviter”.  Call or email me for information on the next webinar.

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