Controversial Video About What’s Happening

Digg DiggHere is a presentation from Porter Stansberry of “Stansberry & Associates”, the financial firm who accurately predicted all the recent economic down-trends.  Their record is unmatched on predictions.  *Neither Porter Stansberry nor Stansberry & Associates has an affiliation (That I know of) with the company Preservation Of Wealth or Alan Cosens. Read more »

See How Easy It Is To Buy Silver From Preservation Of Wealth

See how easy it is to buy silver bullion, or gold, or whatever else you desire from Preservation Of Wealth. In this video I take you along for just the few minutes it takes to place my order and I show you exactly how it works. Read more »

How To Buy Silver Bullion

There are tons of ways to buy silver bullion. The “Dummy” Way To Buy Silver Bullion: Go directly to a local dealer and buy silver bullion coins.  You are pretty much going to get “hosed” because the dealer is there to make money and chances are he’s not running a charity program and is not [...] Read more »