Why My Team?

If you are looking to use Preservation Of Wealth as an income vehicle for yourself then pay attention…

Many people think that all you have to do is simply join an opportunity and they’re all set.  Many people think that the company/opportunity itself will give them everything they need to succeed in their new business.

Well, I hate to tell you this, but that is false data.

In almost every single case, when you join a business opportunity (and this goes for all Internet Business Opportunities), you will be instructed to market your affiliate link.

Well guess what?  That’s what they tell every single affiliate to do.  So when you have a bunch of affiliates marketing the same exact website…

Why Would Anybody Join You?

If you market the company-provided replicated website, you’re not giving your prospects ANY reason to join you.  And you haven’t differentiated yourself from the competition. You are simply a replicated website, and for all they know, there isn’t even a real person behind the site you’re working so hard to promote.

Do you think Preservation Of Wealth provided me with this site?… (HINT HINT)
You need to develop specific skills to become successful in this industry.

No business opportunity can magically give you these skills.

They can provide you with resources, support, and a very compelling opportunity to market…but not the skills.

These skills can be developed by educating yourself and learning through trial and error. But a much quicker way to pick up the skills that lead to success in any industry is to learn from an experienced mentor and team of leaders that already have those skills, and already have the training in place for you to develop those EXACT skills…so you can start enjoying the results for yourself.

I began in this industry over 13 years ago and I can tell you without any reservation whatsoever that the sponsor you choose and the team and benefits and resources available to you — or NOT available to you can make a huge difference to your potential for success.  It could even be critical for  you.

While it’s not my intention to “toot my own horn” here, I have been training network marketers for over 12 years and have added multiples of thousands of people to my downlines over the years.

I decided long ago that no one was going to provide more in the way of help, training, resources, tools, etc. than they could get by joining my team.

And when you decide to partner up with me in this business, not only do you have access to some very incredible resources built specifically for use with Preservation Of Wealth, as part of the P.O.W. Builders team (more on that in a minute), but you will have access to my personal training and resources site which I have used to personally put nearly 300 people into my downlines in the last 10 months or so.

You Will Not Find a Better Team, Or Better Resources Anywhere!

Some Of Your Benefits When Part Of My Preservation Of Wealth Team:

1. You get your own exclusive membership into our private P.O.W. Builders Team Training, which is completely FREE to our Preservation Of Wealth team. (You’ll be able to offer all of these benefits to your team members, and their team members, etc., etc.)  This way you just have to focus on your marketing efforts… and leave the training and support to us.

Some of these P.O.W. Builders resources are:

  • Step-By-Step Getting Started Marketing Manual – Simply follow these directions, explode your business and start profiting in record time.  This blueprint gives you exact instructions to follow so you never have to worry how to market your business again.
  • Super Easy to Understand Training videos - These videos make it incredibly easy to understand how to set up and market your business easier than ever before.  Many of these videos are  ”over-our-shoulder” follow along type training. We will help you personally, right there on your computer.
  • Turn-Key  Proven Marketing Systems – The most effective proven marketing tactics that work like crazy including: (a) our team’s specially worded business cards, (b) email lists of gold & silver buyers, (c) bandit signs that pull in leads, (d) the latest Craig’s List techniques that bring in new members like clockwork, (e) pre-recorded phone scrips and recording that sell your prospects for you, (f) pay-per-click marketing, (g) article marketing methods, (h) we could tell you more…but we’d have to kill you.  :-D

$1,000 VALUE!


2. A Complete & Professional Online Marketing Funnel System Set Up For You In Minutes. This will blow your mind. What would you think if I told you that you could have a professional Capture Page web site… and a professional Word Press Blog Site….very similar to this site… set up for you in minutes?  Well, it’s true.  We have spent months and months, hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars creating, testing and developing the finest “Marketing System” for POW.  Now…you can cash-in on our efforts and have your own professional sites created for you in minutes!

You won’t have to spend months of trial & error trying to figure all of this out… because we have already done all of this for you. Your professional web sites are going to make you look like a million bucks. Plus…since you can get all of this set up in and customized in no time… you will be able to start Marketing and making money right-a-way… and not have to wait for months and months trying to get all of this figured out and created yourself…. before you can start promoting your business.

Plus…we provide you with easy to follow tutorial videos to show you exactly how to easily customize your Capture Page and Blog Site with your on photos, videos and information.  We have been able to provide all of this to you for as little as $4.95 to $9.95 per month, (including unlimited web hosting), depending on which plan you select. This is an unheard of, ridiculously low price. We had to fight hard to get such a low price for all of this….but our aim to to provide the absolute best value and resources for our team!

$1,900 Value!


3. FREE PLR (Private Label Rights) To The eBook:  “Insider’s Guide To Buying Gold & Silver At Wholesale” As a team member, you will have the legal PLR rights to this amazing book that is getting rave reviews.  I will give you the source files, a book cover and simple instructions on how to create your very own eBook.

Plus, you can edit the book any way you wish and of course, add your contact info and links to the book.  It’s an amazingly effective marketing tool and it’s easy to use. Yes, you can be the author of your very own eBook.  And of course, this is totally Free to our members.

VALUE $350


4. Team Webinars – Our POW Builders Team conducts our on webinars.  Some of them are Opportunity webinars that you can invite your prospects to so they can get a full and complete understanding of this amazing opportunity.  We also conduct team Training webinars to teach members the very latest “best practices” of what’s working like crazy right now.

On these webinars you will learn how to get your off-line and on-line marketing system set up…and how to drive tons of traffic to your web sites, your voice recordings and to join your team.  And of course, these are all provided for Free to our team members.

$500 Value!


5. Support The great thing about Preservation of Wealth is that the binary goes to INFINITY! So the more YOU Succeed, the more the TEAM Succeeds.  Thus the team works together to help each other.  Leaders on the team are always available to join you on 3-way calls with your important prospects, answer questions and help you succeed.  Plus, our Training Community Website is a community of like minded people who share ideas, answer questions and help the team succeed.

Some of our team members are just every day people and some of them are multi-millionaires.  Some are MLM experts, some are online marketing experts, some are financial experts, some are precious metals experts, numismatic experts, etc.

VALUE:  Priceless


6. Co-Op Advertising You know there is power in numbers.  We are in the process of putting together powerful advertising co-ops for our members.  With these co-ops, members can choose to participate and purchase an affordable share of the advertising.  We set it up and take care of all the details… and all participants share the leads that come in from the co-op advertising we do.  This is an easy way to generate tons of qualified leads, without having to do any of the work yourself.

VALUE:  Priceless


7. Genealogy Placement Strategy We have discovered the best way to build your POW business to Maximize and Speed Up your success.  Part of what we provide our members is this Key Business Building Strategy, that will help you structure your team correctly, maximize your success, and start making money faster!

VALUE:  Priceless


8. Silver & Gold Investing Strategies Some of our members have decades of knowledge about silver and gold investment strategies and they share that information with the team.  Team members also share best practice ideas for storing your silver and gold, which are the best types of metals to buy, putting your metals into IRAs, and much, much more.  Just one good idea here could make a huge difference in your investing success.

VALUE:  Priceless


9. When To Buy & Sell We are definitely not investment advisors and we can not, and do not advise our team members on their investment decisions.  Those decisions should be made by yourself and your investment advisor.  However, I can tell you that some of our members are really “PLUGGED IN” to some of the best and brightest minds on gold & silver investing on the planet.

Some belong to very expensive metals investment advisory services.  As markets and investment dynamics change, our team members share their thoughts and advice on when the experts since a change in the market and believe it’s time to shift direction, buy aggressively, or sell.

VALUE  Priceless


10. Professionally Written Auto Responder Email Messages We provide our team members our Aweber Auto Responder email follow-up messages Code.  All you do is copy and paste this code into your Aweber follow up list setting and PRESTO… all of your professionally written email follow up messages instantly appear.  It’s amazing! You will need to go in and add in your contact information and your links… and we have video tutorials to show you exactly how to do this.  This will save you countless hours of having to write your own follow up emails, and it will enable to you to get out and start marketing and making money right away!

$350 Value


Wait!  We haven’t even talked about my personal training and resources yet!

For quite some time now I have been building up my own Internet Network Marketing training site for my teams.  You will have exclusive access and your own private login information to get access.  There is so much that I teach within this resource that I don’t even know where to begin.

Here’s the thing…

The majority of people that fail online due to lack of knowing how to drive quality traffic to their website and also due to lack of ability to convert that traffic into quality prospects and then into sales.

There are 2 pieces to this puzzle.

1) Traffic

2) Conversion

If you don’t have both of those, you will fail.

Without traffic, no one will see your sites, which leads to … obviously, not closing any sales.

Without conversion, you could have all the traffic in the world, but none of that traffic will turn into a sale.

To convert your traffic into sales on autopilot, you must have a professional, effective, marketing system in place to funnel your traffic through.

This marketing system CANNOT, I repeat CANNOT be a company-provided replicated website because it doesn’t give your prospects any reason to join YOU over everyone else marketing the same “system”.

Your marketing system must be customized to you, giving your prospects compelling reasons to join you in your Preservation Of Wealth business.

THAT is the secret to converting your traffic into sales like clockwork!


Most people don’t have the skills to set up their own marketing system and drive highly targeted traffic to their system.

But I do…

I have ALL you’ll ever need just sitting there waiting for you within my exclusive team Training And Resource Site

You Can Create Your OWN Customizable Marketing System…

Now, we have already talked about the invaluable resources and pages, and marketing system, etc. available to you as part of the my team and part of the P.O.W. Builders Group.

But let’s talk about you being able to brand YOU, with your very own fully customized, fully-branded automated internet network marketing sales funnel.

That’s right.

I show you click-by-click how to build everything from scratch from absolute zero.  So if you are a person who really wants to delve in and dig deep and develop some real skills… skills which you will have forever… that you can apply to the promotion for any product or opportunity you choose… you will have all the training and tools available to your to do so.

The point is, not only do we have ALL the pages and systems you can simply Plug-In-And-Play, but I will personally provide you with the most comprehensive step-by-step and click-by-click training on exactly how to build your very own fully-customized internet sales funnel… the same type of automated funnel that I have used to get over 30,000 free web site visitors per month and to put 300 people into my downlines personally in the last 10 months.

And not only do I provide all the technical training you could ever need, all done on the screen so you can just click along with me, but I also provide Extensive Training on how to drive MASSIVE amounts of highly targeted traffic through your own marketing system, not just cookie cutter replicated sites that simply DON’T WORK!

No one, and I mean NO ONE in Preservation of Wealth has gone to the lengths that I have to ensure your success.

All of the hard work has been done for you so that you can get your cash generating machine up and running in no time.

Inside Your Training Center You Will Learn…

1. How to drive massive amounts of high quality traffic to your website.

2. How to convert that traffic into high quality prospects.

3. How to convert those prospects into sales.

4. How to train these new people to use the same system to duplicate and create exponential growth in their business.

Best of all…

Interested Prospects Will Chase You To Join!!

You Become The Hunted Instead Of The Hunter.

  • Imagine waking up to 5-10 and eventually up to 50 new qualified prospects each and every day…ready and eager to join your Preservation Of Wealth business.
  • You answer a few calls and return a few emails from your prospects just to get their final questions answered before they sign up with you… but NEVER calling or emailing your prospects first. And absolutely NEVER EVER convincing or “persuading” anyone into anything.  Just nice casual friendly conversations. It really is a process of just making new friends and it’s FUN…

and then…

  • Imagine checking your bank account at the end of the month to see there’s been well over $10,000 deposited during that month just from Preservation Of Wealth. Then, all of a sudden you realize that you’re on track to make a 6-FIGURE ANNUAL INCOME just having fun…despite this global recession!

Sound too good to be true???

Well, that is your potential reality.

But it wasn’t always easy…

I literally wasted thousands of dollars marketing corporate, replicated websites…which NEVER worked!

I wasted money and time buying the wrong kind of leads…which NEVER worked!

I have tried just about anything you could imagine.

I experienced miserable failures,  rejection, humiliation, embarrassment and downright PAIN.

But I believed the answer was out there and I believed I would find it and make it work, and promised myself I would absolutely NEVER, ever, give up no matter what.

Just like anything else in life that creates long-term substantial success, I paid my dues BIG time! Some family members thought I was crazy, and before I finally figured it all out…I was beginning to agree with them.
It felt like it would never happen, but I finally cracked the code and learned the secrets of creating such a powerful and automated system that attracts prospects to me, eager to join ME in my business.

You can skip right over that long and painful learning curve I went through… just by using my Training and Resource Site… Of course you’ll have to put in some time and effort to set up, grow and automate your Preservation Of Wealth business, but…

Starting your business with a proper *system* will cut years off your learning curve and make the difference between success and failure.

Doesn’t this sound simple?

That’s the KEY!

Most people make things too COMPLICATED and that leads to inaction.





I can’t even begin to tell you the number of people who have left their sponsor and switched to join be because they just couldn’t get the help they so vitally needed.

I’m not kidding you when I tell you, “If you can’t make it on my team… you will never make it”.  I have literally made it as easy as it could ever possibly get.  And I have done almost all the work for you already.  I have suffered through the research and study and experimentation.  I have spent the countless hours building the sites and laying out the money to test different ways of advertising and so on and so on.  The amount of time, frustration and money that I can save you, just by joining my team is something I cannot even quantify.

And while I don’t have time to cover everything here right now, here are some of the things available to you as a member of my personal team:

The Web Mastery For Marketers Course – This comprehensive series of lessons covers everything from the most basic fundamental concepts of network marketing to the most detailed instructions on how to build your very own web pages from absolute scratch using free site-building software… the same software I use to build my sites… I show you exactly how to do everything including things such as Understanding what is a Sales Funnel, The Rules of Network Marketing (break them and you fail!), how to set up and use and email auto-responder which will handle your follow ups for you on auto-pilot, how to get a hosting account and a domain name, how to build any type of lead capture page, sales page, training site, or anything else that you choose starting from zero so that you can literally build any type of personalized sales funnel for yourself that you wish, how to get all your pages live, and much more… $297.00 Value

The Stupid Simple Free Traffic Strategy – In this course I show you my exact 8 steps that I use to get over 30K free visitors per month.  This is literally one of the most effective things that I do and I have been teaching others to do this and I get feedback from people almost on a daily basis, telling me how well this has worked for them.  The content of this course literally blows the limits off of your business’ potential.  $397.00 Value

Tons Of Marketing Training:

  • Proper keyword research,
  • Search engine optimization,
  • Pay-Per-Click,
  • Facebook Marketing
  • YouTube Pay-Per-View
  • Video Marketing,
  • Article Marketing,
  • Web 2.0 Marketing,
  • Ezines/Solo Ads Marketing,
  • How to get tons of leads without ever mentioning your business,
  • How to convert prospects into signups,
  • How to evaluate a network marketing company,… and much more….$1500.00 Value

When all is said and done you are easily looking at $9000.00 worth of value, just for joining my Preservation Of Wealth team, not to mention the raw power of the opportunity itself.   And this is  Real, Honest to Goodness VALUE, for FREE, Simply by Joining!

That’s not even counting the Savings you will enjoy with your POW lifetime benefits package.

Talk about a complete No-Brainer…

We have made it as easy for you as it is ever going to get.

Perservation Of Wealth TeamAlan Cosens



Join Preservation Of Wealth now, and let’s get you onto this mega-trend.